Top 10 tips to Disneyland Tokyo

Here are some useful and practical tips to Tokyo Disneyland...! We went there last year when it is almost winter time and it was cold..! Scroll down for the tips and hope you enjoy..~

1. Rent a Pocket Wi-Fi Device Before Arriving In Japan
There are NO public Wi-Fi spots in Tokyo Disneyland so you need to rent a pocket Wi-Fi device before arriving in Japan or at Japan's airport.You can just simply book one at the Global Wifi and pick it up at the airport that you will land.Besides, Global Advanced Communications offers one of the best prices. Do place your order early because there are limited devices! By the way, book your tickets online.!There will be a very long queue and you will just waste your time for the queue.The ticket are just around 6,900yen for a day!To have more cheap tickets, buy an "after 6" or "starlinght" ticket.You can also just simply drop by at the Disney stores in Shibuya and Odaiba to buy the tickets.
2.Get a map
There were maps in English or in Japanese. It would be better if you mark all the places you want to go.It's kind like impossible to visit all the attractions in a day, so be smart!First, choose the attractions that you really want to go, next check out for the attractions places on the map.Then order them up by numbering them to save your time.Decide which one is worth to go to and which one can be visited next time.You'll get free maps on the entrance but if you want to prepare early, just get a downloaded map or a book about Disneyland.I got a book about Disneyland from a Japanese friend of mine and it helped a lot..!
3. Check The Park Calendar
Tokyo Disneyland obviously is a crowded place and there were hundreds to thousands of people each day visiting Disneyland.Better avoid visiting Tokyo Disneyland during the weekends and public holidays. Also, visiting the Disney parks during the Golden Week during summer,Christmas or any celebration day is not a good idea.You can just simply check for the number of visitors extimated to visit here: Tokyo Disneyland Crowd Forecast
4. Arrive Before The Park Opens
 Arrive at least 1 hour beforehand to be one of the first few to snag a Fastpass and queue for the popular attractions.There will be long queues at each entrance gate.Remember to bring along sunblock,water,some snacks and a mat while waiting for entrance or parade.!Check park timings here before heading down: Tokyo Disneyland Park Timings .The gates open at 9a.m on weekdays and 8a.m on weekends usually.
5. Get your Fastpass
Tokyo-Disneyland-Fastpass-Space-Mountain-Astro-BlasterDisney parks are notorious for the extremely long queues. Don’t want to spend your entire day waiting in lines? You’ll need to get your Fastpass and in the right order too because fast passes run out.

The list of Fastpass attractions in Tokyo Disneyland are as follows:
    Tokyo Disneyland Splash Mountain Fastpass Entrance
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Splash Mountain
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Pooh’s Hunny Hunt
  • Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek!
  • Star Tours: The Adventures Continue
  • Space Mountain
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters

Fastpass Battle Strategy:
  • The moment the park opens, walk as quickly as you can to Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek! to collect your Fastpass. After that, get into the standby queue for Pooh’s Hunny Hunt.
  • After Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, head over to Splash Mountain to join the stand-by queue.
  • Your Fastpass will state the time when you can take your next Fastpass so do take note of the time and get ready to grab your next Fastpass then!
  • If you have Wi-Fi, visit the Disney’s mobile website to check attraction waiting times. Check out the timings to decide which Fastpass ticket you should get next. Unfortunately, the waiting time is displayed in Japanese. Just click on the button with the clock icon and you’ll be able to check the attractions’ waiting times.Or you can just simply download the apps on your phones to check for the attraction waiting times.

  • The Fastpass tickets for Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Pooh’s Hunny Hunt and Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek! run out the fastest so do try to get these Fastpasses as early as you can!
*The Fastpass is a system that allows you to reduce the waiting time at certain attractions by giving you a specific time to enter the attraction. To get your Fastpass, go to the Fastpass ticketing machines near the entrance of the attraction and scan your Tokyo Disneyland ticket under the reader. You’ll have to return to the attraction during the time period stated on the Fastpass ticket.
6.Use the Lottery System to Get Reserved Seats for Shows 
There are 2 special shows in Tokyo Disneyland that we recommend getting reserved seats for. To watch “One Man’s Dream II – The Magic Lives On”, you can either queue for the first show or enter the lottery to get reserved seat tickets for the other time slots, which will save you time.

You can also enter the lottery to get reserved seats for “Once Upon A Time”. Reserved seating basically refers to awesome seats in front of the castle and the best view in town. Again, this will save you time as the alternative is camping for good spots way before the show starts. From our past trips, we only won reserved seat tickets once so don’t get your hopes high for this!

The lottery is held at Tomorrowland Hall (located to the left of Space Mountain in Tomorrowland) and you’ll need your park ticket to enter the lottery. Unfortunately, you can only attempt the lottery once for each show.
7. Grab a Spot 30-45 Minutes Before the Parade Starts (and have your meal too)
If you spot people sitting in the middle of nowhere, they’re probably waiting for the parades to start! To save time, what we usually do is to grab a meal while waiting for the parade to begin.If you are lucky, you can watch the parade while queuing for attractions.I still remember while we were queuing for Haunted Mansion, we were able to watch the parade not that far.Just find a good spot to watch the parade.

8. Try the Different Flavored Popcorn
Tokyo-Disneyland-White-Chocolate-Popcorn-Cart-HalloweenPopcorn is serious business in the Tokyo Disney parks. You won’t believe the variety of flavors available. There’s honey, soy sauce and butter, curry, salted, caramel, strawberry, milk tea, white chocolate, seasonal flavours and more!There are anywhere with adorable popcorn buckets..!
What’s even more tempting is to purchase the extremely adorable refillable popcorn buckets. Each popcorn cart features different bucket designs, so check out the different carts to find the bucket you like before you make your purchase!There are certain standard designs available throughout the year but be on the lookout for limited edition seasonal buckets such as this Christmas edition for 2008.Remember to check that out..!With a popcorn bucket, you’ll also be able to try more flavors throughout your day as refilling your popcorn bucket is cheaper than purchasing another bag of popcorn. More reasons to try all the flavours in the park.
9. Try Snacks at Tokyo Disneyland
Try the  Tipatoruta (ティポトルタ) in Tokyo Disneyland! It’s a pastry shaped like Churros and filled with chocolate, served warm and fresh out of the oven. There are also seasonal flavours available – Taro (during Halloween), Caramel Custard (during Easter), etc. The Tipatoruta can only be found at the Village Pastry (located in Fantasyland, in front of It’s A Small World ride). We had a chocolate waffle with the Mickey Mouse head shape .The prices are quite good. Just spare around 7000yen for snacks with drinks.
  • Captain Hook’s Gallery: Seafood pizza
  • Pan Galactic Pizza Port: Seafood cream calzone (This is practically seafood chowder in a puff. Best thing to warm you up on a cold day!)
  • Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall: Fried seafood platter, Grilled swordfish
  • East Side Café: Vegetarian course
10.Cash and credit cards
Remember to bring along enough cash and credits card can be used there.To save money, just bring along your own food and water.We brought along onigiri rice balls, some snacks and a couple bottles of water during our previous visit.We just had some popcorns and a wafer there.There are also lockers to keep your stuffs safe and to ease your journey. You can also just stay in a Tokyo Disney Resort hotel if you plan to visit the park for more than a day.

Must remember or Cautions:
1.Check the weather! Whether you need to bring along raincoats or umbrellas or sunblock and etc.
2.Tripods are not allowed in the park...! Even some rides ban using a flash or ban using cameras at all.
3.Check you drinks or food..! Some of them do have alcohol in it so better beware.You can just bring along your own drinks and food.Remember to bring along tissues or napkins.
4.To ease you journey, wear sneakers not sandals or high heels!Just pack your things in a bag pack so that you walk faster or 'run' to the attractions. Actually running is quite prohibited there. The workers there always reminding the visitors for not running.. but yeah..~ who wants to listen if they are exciting for something else..~ huahaha..
5.For those who visit the park with childens, there a limited heights for some attractions.So check out for the limitations so that you will not be disappointed after lining up for a long time..!You can also hire a stroller there too! There are picnic areas to have lunch and rest.
Well, that's all. Enjoy and have a wonderful time with your family or partners at Tokyo Disneyland! There are so many things to discover and enjoy to.We hope you find all these tips useful and happy travelling..! :)

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