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Assalammualaikum and hola readers.. :)

Since the SPM results announcement are just around the corner, i came up with an idea , sharing about the programme that i'm in for the six years since 2012 till now.For those who are interested in Engineering field (kejuruteraan, sains dan teknologi (S&T) dan sains sosial) and is considering to study abroad (Jepun, Korea, Perancis dan Jerman), the JKPJ by JPA is one of the programme that might interest you.

This programme basically requires you to get an A for 
a) Bahasa Melayu
b) Bahasa Inggeris
c) Matematik
d) Matematik Tambahan
e) Fizik 
f) Kimia   

1.Thanks to JPA..!Government scholarship.. with serve government bonding for six years.That's before 2016.Starting intake 2016(if i'm not mistaken), the JKPJ is now like a convertible loan (pinjaman boleh ubah).
2.There's an interview after the application for the scholarship. Be well prepared..!
3.In Malaysia, the scholarship will be around RM5000 for one year, two years will be RM10 000. (for daily use). All the books, fees and everything for study purpose will be paid by JPA.
4.In Japan, for general, the scholarship will be around 13 000 yen per month. More than enough if you're good at savings :)

As for the interview.. for some quick tips.. :
1.Wear the ones your comfortable in. Formal wear. Blazer,baju kurung, Kemeja and etc.(Don't worry, Baju kurung is absolutely okay).
2.Be there early like 30 minutes prior so that you will not be too nervous, and make friends. Talk to someone to set a good mood.
3.Practice and study..!! Improve your communication skills and brush up on the English and Malay language as both of the languages will be used.
4.Don't forget to bring along essential documents like certificates and resume.

Here's the timeline lets say for year 2012...

Result SPM annouces(march 2012)--> apply JPA scholarship (in one week after the SPM results announced) --> interview-->Intake for Ambang Asuhan Jepun, preparation course two years(around June 2012)-->Examinations[EJU & AAJ final examinations] (around November 2014)-->BTN course (early 2015)-->Fly to Japan(around March 2015)--> Japan's University admission (April 2015)--> Study engineering for four years (degree)--> Graduate March 2019..!!!

To apply, you can just simply visit the eSILA JPA  and follow the instructions there. Good luck :)

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