Universal Studios Japan,Osaka

Assalammualaikum :)
Tehehe..~ Tadaaaaa.... We rock USJ..! It was our first time to Universal Studios Japan(USJ) and we had a great time there.Everything was super fun even though it rained since the early morning.Actually,we knew that it was going to rain that day before we got to USJ, but instead of changing plans, we decided to go crazy over it and beat the rain..Huahahaha..~"Budak nakal lari2 dalam hujan -_-" Yup, it was cold but we barely able to survive with the warm winter jacket and kairo.Hoho~

 Actually, I really hope to be the first person to arrive at the USJ or at least to be the first person in line,so I begged Khairi to bring me there as early as we can and we stepped into the USJ an hour before the opening hour, and OH MY GOSH..! there's already lines all over the gates!!!!!! -_- "Haiyaaaaa... satu jam awal tala cukup meh!!!" So if you planned to grab the time ticket to Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you better come early and beat the lines.Luckily,we got into a short line and because of the rains, the waiting times were not that long,around 20 minutes to an hour(usual peak waiting times around 300 minutes).You wanna play that bad... then go when it rains.Hoho..~


If you want,actually you can beat the times by purchasing the Express Pass in advance(which only can be purchase in Japan and he website is in Japanese).There's various types of Express Pass,giving you the advantage for straight entering the attraction without lining up.But,if you're like us, going to visit USJ on rainy day, actually, you don't even need the Express Pass at all, at least that was what we experienced. All the waiting times were short and hey, we did not need the timed ticket at all to enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter because we arrived early on the rainy day.So, better dress well and run as fast as you can to the Wizarding World because if you're late, you'll need to run across to the Central Park to get the timed ticket to enter.Well, you can but the Express ticket at the booth there but sometimes the pass are already sold out before the day you could enter.So, plan wisely :)
We had a great time at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.The first thing we did right after entered the Wizard World was buying a magic wand at the Ollivanders and headed straight to the Hogwarts Castle..! you'll get a special map telling you where you can use your wand for the magic.After the fun tour around the Castle, we headed to Hippogriff for a ride before having fun playing magic with wand around the Hogsmeade.It's really exciting just like we're one of the wizards in the movie >_< Uuuhh, don't forget to step in to the Zonko's and Honeydukes for exciting candies.We bought the Chcolate Frog and I got Rowena Ravenclaw card.Plus, it's kind weird listening to the fat lady speaking Japanese.Lol >_<




Then we headed to Jaws for a super fun ride.Haha.. You'll see lines everywhere even though to take a picture with the 'Big Jaw' at the centre of the Jaws park.For the Jaws, it's better to get to sit at the left side of the boat as the Jaw only attacking at the left side.The time we visited the Jaws, it was unlucky as I got to sit on the right side and barely able to see the giant Jaws..! So not fair..!! "Kisah plak, aku berdiri tgk jaws walaupun boat tunggang terbalik!! ".Ahh,, no camera while riding the attraction  too. T___T.
 After touring the Jaws,we headed to the Jurassic Park for the super duper crazy ride there.! It was cool and fun at the first moment you ride the Jurrasic Park the ride, but then.. %^@&*! ~ Haha. the ride was thrilling and the angle when sliding was super duper "steep till i don't know what to say". It was a great ride but still, for the sake of my heart, once is enough.Haha.. Real great experience:)Well, there's much more crazy ride like the flying dinosaur if you wanna try out.
 Then, we wander around the San Francisco and had the yummy cutie mochi of Minions(400 yen) ..!!!!!!! They were soooooo cute and yummy :p We even had a Banana Choco Stick at 550 yen :) We strolled around taking pictures there, but because it rained in the morning the parade of most of the animatons like Minion were a little bit late.
At the Universal Wonderland, we enjoyed around our childhood cartoon , The Sesame Street playing with Elmo at the Elmo's Go Go Skateboard and Moppy's Balloon Trip.!!!Universal Wonderland might be the firstt place you wanna go if you have child with you.The Hello Kitty was cute and the Seasame Street attraction was entertaining.Too bad we missed the Elmo's Bubble Bubble ride T_T.
 Overall, the environment there was great.Everything we're kind like different from Disneyland except for the Top Circus ride.We had a delicious meal at one of the Udon Restaurant after exiting USJ.Yup, everything was fun and I hope to come back to USJ with kids someday[with annual pass]..Hihihi :p *Ingat tau ayat last tuuu especially yg bold :p*

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