Golden Week 2017 - Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

Assalammualaikum folks..

How's the day going on? It's the Golden Week now in Japan where we get to spend three days holiday (Constitution Day,Greenery Day and 子供の日: Children's Day)for the rest weekday starting yesterday..!!! Yiiipppiiiee...~ So we have plenty of time strolling around Japan enjoying the rest 春(spring) before the summer comes >_<
We had a great time wandering and experiencing new things around the 海の中道(Uminonakamichi) Seaside Park as there were many things to explore and events to be joined. We're quite disappointed when we found there was no any bicycle left for rent even though we got there early. T_____T We cycled last time when we're there but this time, we explore there by walking.New style new adventure i guess :)[自転車に乗れなくて、悔しかったのに~]
 We grabbed a map and headed to the Wonder World for a sweet yummy ice cream (350¥per person) as it was hot. Then we rocked the ground by riding the Go-Cart On Road(500yen per prson).Khairi drove :p .There were many rides with range of prices but mostly are for kids !!! -_-Btw, for the Go-Cart, we choosed the on road for leisure even though we knew that the off road would be much more difficult and challenging.Everyone was so excited especially kids and you can see people setting tents and picnic sheets everywhere.Just feel free to bring along a mat and have a nice picnic around like we did.
 The view was so fantastic and it got better as we entered the garden zone..!!You'll see thousands of colorful flowers blooming around with beautiful decorations .What a feast for our eyes..!!!We enjoyed spending the whole afternoon around the Flower Clock, Colorful Flower Garden,Colorful Pond and Canal Water Fountain Terrace.For memories,we had took many great pictures at the Flower Museum and Rose Garden.The scenery was amazing and we would love to come back every year..!
Next, we strolled to the Animal Forest to play around with about 500 little cute animals there with more than 50 species like capybaras,kangaroos,Bolivian squirrel monkey and many more.As it is Golden Week now, there are plenty of events you can have your hands on and get to touch and feed them at the Animal Petting Farm.We then had a walk around the Forest of Relaxation and visited the Forest House.
Before we ended our journey, we took a walk by the Flower Hill, next to the Large Open Field and walk through the Sky Dolphin where the kids having their adventure around the large pirate ship and sky dolphin playground bar.
Well, it was exhausting as the place was way too big but we really had great times and wonderful memories there.If you ever come to  Fukuoka,Kyushu , then Uminonakamichi Seaside Park is a must for you to visit with your family or friends :) 

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