What to do after arriving in Japan


Congrats to those who succeed to pursue studies in Japan.How's the preparation going on? Bet it was tough and exhausting right.I still remember my first time arrival at Saga Airport,Japan.It was late evening after a long flight from Malaysia to Tokyo and Tokyo to Saga.By the way, when i arrived here, there were so many things to be handled, to be shopped and etc.Starting from the apartment, bank and university...non stop tasks.But still,all of the process were good memories and experience.

1.Get Zairyu Kado
First arrive at the airport,for international student like me, you'll receive a Zairyu Kado(Alien Card/Residence Card) for the period your staying for your studies.The process did took quite a long time as there were many JPA students.

2.Get apartment
If you are not able to book an apartment before your departure to Japan,you can just stay at your friends/seniors/relatives house for couple days.But then get an apartment.For fast and smooth process, you can use the My Home,Lifefull Home and etc to help you to process the apartment arrangement.Do remember, the nearer your apartment to school/university/mall/convenient store, the more expensive your apartment wage will be.

3.Get a bicycle
I got a bicycle first above all the plans so that i can move around easily without spending any yen for the distance that i can reach.Of course you can just simply hop on the bus and get to everywhere but why spend if you can save.Besides you'll need the bicycle for your everyday school life.

4.Get a Hankou
Hankou is a kind of small piece of block that you'll use for formal stuffs like creating bank account and etc.You'll get your name carved in Katakana and the ink pad is provided too.In Japan, they seldom, almost never use hand written signature for important or formal process.Instead,you'll need to use Hankou and stamp on the important documents.

5.Register your address
After getting an apartment,it is time for you to register your address at the City Hall to declare your arrival and where will you live at.Remember to bring along passport,Hankou,Zairyu Kado and all important documents.

6.Create bank account
There are many banks to choose so think carefully and choose wisely.Preferable, the one which closets to your apartment for any emergency.Remember to bring along passport,Zairyu Kado,Hankou and all the important documents too.

7.Keiyaku water,electricity and gas
After entering your new apartment,of course you'll need all the necessity like water,gas and electricity right.Here in Japan, you can simply register them through phone calls.(only in Japanese)

8.Get a phone
Docomo,Au,Softbank,Y Mobile and many more.You name it..! So many telecommunication company to choose with great calling and internet packages.

9.Proceed registration for your studies.
Remember to register and get your student card.Bring along all the important stuffs stated above. Besides, before april(where almost every university starts the studies) might be the best period for you to have a great tour around your new school/university.Explore and check out the cool things you've never seen before.

10.Go shopping
Last but not least,go and enjoy yourself shopping for all your needs before the studies start..!!! Usually for the households, probably the best and cheapest from Daiso if you want to save money.Cotsco might be a good choice for wide range of frozen and prepared food.And yup,Gooday and Direx help a lot for the diy.

Anyway, getting comfortable and used to the Japan life might takes time but trust me, if you'll love Japan when the time passes.Just enjoy yourself here and explore as many as you can.

All the best :)

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