Saga University,Japan

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Recently,since most of our blog readers knew that we're both studying in Japan, some had been asking how's the universities in Japan look like.I can't figure out how the others in Japan look like because we've never been to other universities before, but Saga University, O-MA-KA-SE..! Let me tell you..!! :)

This is Saga University.It is so near to our apartment,takes us 3 minutes to get there by bike. Commonly known as Saga Dai (佐賀大) among the Japanese.Sadai for short.[bunyi mcm tersadai ... tp x tersadai ok.. -_-]. I don't want to spill out all the history and bla bla bla because it will be boring and a lot of space to do so.Just Google if you're interested in it's history.But.. but... but... let me tell you the interesting side of this little Uni.The compound is neither too big nor too small.All the department buildings are just in walking distance.Most of the students including us went on bike usually.I mean bike like bicycle.. not motorbike -_-..! We have bicycle lots more than car lots. And.. and.. and... having bells on bike's key is a very common thing here.Cute and secure..! We also have an alley which full of sakura trees. It is so beautiful around spring to see the Sakura bloom perfectly.
Students Affair Department
The library
playing snow at Uni compound
the cool guy :p
Our schedule for whole year.!
April to next year's March..!
This is still considered few.Imagine hundreds
of bicycles when the class start.
Let's move on to the inner side of the building.In Japan, 'Save Earth' thing is a serious matter..!!! Most of the equipments and machines in our Uni are Eco friendly. What we got shocked at our first class was the board..! In Japan, we use blackboard.Yes.. i mean the board in dark green colour and the chalk with colourful colours. We don't use marker pens that much,so no whiteboards.Marker pens actually contains chemical that could damage the brain development by smelling the stinggy poisonous chemical marker smell in long term. I bet you must imagine how awful the chalk's dust floating around and getting your hands and clothes dirty right? Hey .. come on.. we're in Japan what..! No duster tapping, no dust flying around.We have a mini machine called National 330,that functioned to suck away the chalk's dust instantly from the duster...! We even have a sink to wash our hands after using chalk in classroom-_-.. And.... the sink is auto sensor -_-... i tell ya already.. Japan seriously great in engineering..~ Most of the electricity equipments like doors and lights in Sadai are fully equipped with auto sensor.It detects heat to function.So no one will give excuses for forgetting to turn off the switch.Save money save Earth..!! You can't find switch along the alley as the lamps are auto sensor.Not to mention,the airconditioner, every one and a half hour of study hour,it will automatically turn off and need to be turned on if you want to use it again.
The black board is movable.Up and down..!
The duster cleaner.
Now you know what i mean -_-
The magic sink
Assorted bins
box for bottle caps
the auto sensor light along alley
Move on to the other parts,along the alley, you will see various of big assorted garbage bins labelled pet bottles,bottles and cans,plastics and breakable stuffs.Yup, that's the recycle box.Nope.. no dustbin in Japan..! and amazingly, you will find a small box around the big boxes.It's for the cap of bottles.In Japan, you must separate the pet bottles and the cap when recycle. -_-.. We have elevators which fully equiped with emergency button and there is always auto recorded voice to tell you what to be careful of,which floor you're heading to and etc.Yeah.. only in Japan.[Elevator dia bising tau..! -_-] Don't make me tell you about the toilets.. -_- Ok i wanna tell.. ~ The toilets here are equipped with washlets(bidets).. No pipes here..! The sinks are auto sensor even the flushes are auto sensor.It will flush automatically if you forgot to flush.And in Japan, you can flush tissues in the toilet bowl. If you do this in Malaysia, i bet it will stuck the toilet and stink after few days. -_-The toilets are so cleaned and always kept dry.However vending machine are not everywhere to educate students to bring own drinks and and to reduce the disposal of cans.
the escalator with maps of floor
About grading, the grading system in Japan are much more higher,you need to get at least 60% from hundred to pass and there is no additional paperwork or something to help you to increase your marks.Fully based on examinations.You can join the clubs if you can balance it with studies but no credits for clubs.The main language medium basically in Japanese but we do have english class here.If you're an International student and have a good proficiency in English, it will be easy for you to pass the TOIEC test.Last time we got the 5000 yen Tosho card for our TOIEC award.If you score good in examinations, you'll can apply for extra credits on the next semester.In Japan,it is not common to use pens.Usually we use pencils when study or exam or anything.Yup.. no pens for examination.Rubber(eraser) is essential -_-.The way to mark a question in Japan is quite different from other countries.We don't mark the correct answer with 'right' signs but we use 'circle' signs to indicate the answer is correct -_-. And the 'right' sign are for wrong answer.. -_- Haha.. weird right?
Saga Dai map
You'll see large bricks and sculpture here
5000yen Tosho card
We got some certificates here
i told you..
wrong: /
Well that are basically what we had experienced after a year studying at Saga Dai.Now we are in 2nd year of Mechanical Engineering and we have two more years before we graduate here.. hihihi.. will do update more about life in Japan.

Thanks for reading :)

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