Saga Balloon Fantasia 2016 [Saga International Balloon Fiesta]

Assalammualaikum readers..

Yipppeeee... For those who loves balloon so much as i do,now, there's a fiesta of balloon in Saga prefecture,Japan. There are so much adorable animals and popular cartoon characters like Asimo, Neko, and etc making their appearance as gigantic balloons at the Balloon Fantasia. The view is great and everyone seems to be delighted with the giant balloons around.




Surprisingly, when the weather is preferable, there will be a long line for those who want  to enter the launch site, which is not normally open to the public, and have an opportunity to see these balloons up close.Japanese do have the patience to queue that long -_-But remember,the balloons may not be able to wait until 10:30 as scheduled to fold up the balloons, so do come to the fiesta grounds as early as possible. We got to know that the special shaped balloons that fly in the Balloon Fantasia cannot be inflated in the afternoon. There's even a hot air balloon class for kids there.




There are strands of stalls around selling delicious food, balloons merchandise, kujihiku,kingyou tsukui(netting the goldfish), and etc.There's even a dog show and Honda Trial Bike Show for the audience after the balloons been inflated.Plus, you can ride a helicopter, enjoy the view of Saga at a reasonable price.Overall, It is so great and fun here, and the fiesta last till this Sunday. Can't wait for the La Montgolfier Nocturne (Night Mooring) this Saturday and Sunday night..!!!

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