Program Hari Motivasi Jiko Kaihatsu No Hi [JPA 2016]

Assalammualaikum readers.. ~


Last Saturday, we had a great day listening to the motivations and had a good meal at the Kyushu University with the JPA officers.Tha day started around 9.50 a.m (do come early..!) and we begun with the opening and explanation about JPA's scholarship policy.We got a good explanation about the scholarship policy now and even the plans that we, Malaysian students can follow after graduating from university.Most interesting part was when we get to know about how concern the JPA are, and how great it will be as we JPA students are promised to have a good career and bright future if we score well until we graduate. What a relief...!Introductions about STAR company, TAPS, MIA and etc are all cleared and we got a good understanding about the scholarship policy now as there is a great issue where JPA now forbid the students to work in Japan after graduate and in my opinion that is a good and smart way to prevent brain drain :)

Next activity was the 'Set Vision,Set Target!' where the students will need to list out their missions in life for few terms, the problems they face everyday and most importantly the KPI(measurable solutions to the problems). We've heard some of the problems from other university students and compared them to our own problems.Then we have a yummy lunch which was so great..!

Then we had a session called The Voice where we're divided into groups and each group will be given tasks to share the member's opinions to others.Generally the idea of meeting the students is the JPA officers want to give a reminder about the responsibilities studying abroad and if there is any problem, then get a solution from the JPA.


Luckily, the accommodation costs will be paid by the JPA if you fill in the accommodation form with receipts.The whole day was informative and we got a great day wandering around the huge compound of Kyushu University..! :)

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