Let's go Dutch [Huis Ten Bosch]


Last week, we had a great day as we spent the whole day exploring Huis Ten Bosch..!Huis Ten Bosch is located in Sasebo ,recreating the Netherlands,displaying real size copies of old Dutch buildings. The name Huis Ten Bosch translates into English as "House in the Woods/bush". We were amazed with the surrounding, complete with Dutch-style homes, windmills, wooden clogs, and (when in season) beautiful tulips and roses.Soooooo beautiful and there were many things of Holland that you can experience here..!





Entering the Huis Ten Bosch, we headed to the Teddy Bear Kingdom and have a great time learning the history of the kid's bear originated from Holland.There were so many cute bears,large bears,family bears and hundreds of the teddy bear's name that you even don't know,all are gathered there.You can even see the royal teddy bear there too.There's a shop named Linda(Teddy Bear shop) specializing in Teddy Bear with limited editions!!!! Next, we had a visit to Super Trick Art located at the Attraction Town.You'll discover all the amusing tricks and play with the art of 3D illutions ,deceiving your eyes. Along the side road, we discover so many tall and magnificent windmills there.

 There were Castella Castle where you can try on many kinds of tasty castella, Cheese Waag where you can have a try on cheese fondue and the most interesting house, the Chocolate House where there's a waterfall like of chocolate at the entrance!!


At the Count's Chocolate Mnasion@Chocolate Wonderland, we had a great time visiting the museum like chocolate where they display the art like dresses and things that made of chocolate..! We even had a chance to taste the real pure chocolate and get a of  bar of chocolate.The whole place was great and beautiful! Then, we wander around the Kingdom of Robots where a gigantic robot can be found at the front entrance.Khairi did had a great time playing the robots games there-_-.After all the robotic time, we then headed to the place which I did not want to talk about but I do talk about eventhough I don't want..!!!!!!!!!!!! T_____________________T.We get ourselves into the thriller city where you'll get scared of the stupid hideous ghost thing there...!!!%^!%@&!Haha.. I really got a heart attack when we entered the prison ward and luckily we did not enter the Nightmare Lab.Please, if you're not strong enough, just don't bother the thriller city or you'll just ended up like me ,begging to get out from the 5D Miracle Tour..~ LOL~





We had a great meal at the Hungry Kitchen.Yup, we're so hungry and luckily we found a good restaurant serving seafood spaghetti at a reasonable price..! Thumbs up! We even had a skating time at the Rink Fantasia .Haha.. First time skating~At the Harbour Town,We visted the Palace Huis Ten Bosch and the Porcelain Museum.The whole place was fantastic and amazing.The Palace was nice and the garden really worth a visit :) At the palace museum, there were hundreds or thousands of antic porcelain displayed which I love sooooo much(I love collecting them).There was a Game Museum too where you can try on various types of games and learn the history of games there and of course,there's a large casino at the corner.Oh yes, we had a large yummy fish burger by the harbour, watching a huge pirate ship,and have a walk around the city.






We then get to the top of Domtoren,the symbol of Tower City and had a great view of the whole Huis Ten Bosch from the 80-meter high observation platform.At the Amsterdam city, we had a fabulous visit at the Castle of Sweets and Castle of Cheese!! Everything was great and exciting there.Not to forget, at the European Village, there's a European village market place where you can buy some interesting souvenirs.



Before settling down at the Adventure Park, we had a short visit at the Art Garden where a huge white Ferris Wheel stands at the centre of the park.We leisurely touring around the Horse Land and then headed to the Adventure park by walking along the Flower road where full of beautiful roses around the path.At the Dinosaur Woods, we had a interesting game mission finding clues and the probability to escape is to 1%...!!!! Whhaaaattt!!!.. and yeah.. we did not succeeded~ hhhmmhhhh!!!! Then for the last game, we had a tiring game at The Maze, crawling and running and climbing around the woods and finding clues and yup, we succeeded..! Huahahaha..!


 Before the day getting too late, we decided to get back home and shopped around the Castella Castle and Chocolate House~ The whole day was great and we were delighted to experience the Dutch as whole,exploring the towns and castles.

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