SAGA Light Fantasy 2016 [Saga International Balloon Fiesta]

Assalammualaikum readers..



What a memorable evening today as we shimmered by glittering lights and colorful balloons and illuminations. Just like in a fantasy world! [SAGA Light Fantasy] had always been a popular seasonal tradition of Saga Prefecture especially winter. The whole things were great and we're amazed with the 1.7 million light bulbs shine on the street from JR Saga station toward south. As we got to know, Saga International Balloon Festival is held every year and now Saga has its own balloon museum that opened to public with a reasonable entrance fee! Yipppeeee!!  

The day before the festival, participants join the opening parade and the music bands play the LIVE performance in the opening ceremony. Hundreds of people flooded the alley just to watch the illuminations here with family members and friends.There were various of events and illumination that held around and in front of Saga Station.There were strands of stall around selling yummy food, ice cream,drink, and many more.We got some postcards and posters from the participants from Holland, and we got some glow in the dark sticks too..!

In addition, we're thrilled about the Saga International Balloon Fiesta which will be held along the Kase River, outside Saga City, and involves more than 100 balloons, from 15 countries taking part this year.This fiesta started in 1978 as a small gathering of 5 hot air balloons, and was then moved to Saga City because of the open space available, and its transformation to an international competition in 1984. The competitions are held from about 6:30 to 9:00AM and from 3:00 to 5:00PM and it has gained the reputation of being one of the best hot balloon competitions in the world! Hoorreeeyyy!! Too bad we have a reunion tomorrow with the JPA and only able to enjoy the balloon festival on Sunday.. huhuhu..



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